A healthy company means a healthy bottom line...

The Following Program is highly educational and is an INNOVATIVE and HEALTHY choice for corporate reward programs, or private groups such as churches, sports associations and clubs , book clubs or any social gathering in search of real information and action-driven nutritional help.

Now is always a good time to boost morale and productivity by SHOWING your employees, associates, or friends that your care about their physical and mental well-being.

This is not "pizza lunch", "doughnuts meeting", or "bagel & fruits Friday", it's priceless, business benefiting, LIFE-CHANGING information!!!

I deliver private and corporate education workshops on the topic of healthy eating habits with many benefits to your company's collective morale, but most importantly, to its bottom line (producing a healthy, high-performing, energetic staff, with improved attendance by reducing sickness, increasing loyalty and dedication by reducing/eliminating turn-over rate). My workshops are offered in several formats designed to fit your personal or business needs. (lunch hour, a two hour keynote or full 1/2 day workshop). I will educate participants in regards to the food industry, the Government's partial responsibility for the increasing obesity rate which plagues our country, (the United States Department of Agriculture and the Food & Drug Administration) and the advertisement industry, and why some of our eating habits are actually thrust upon us by those entities. I will help participants redefine their identities and behavioral patterns in regards to health and fitness and provide them with new eating regimen that are healthy, nutritious and satisfying (no special products are offered). I will organize field trips to the grocery store to analyze products and develop new shopping patterns and habits, I will help prepare and store foods in anticipation of the work week ahead, and i will provide phone, text and email support to all participants.

Do you wonder why your dieting doesn't work, even though it is pristine according to the norm? Do you know how many calories you should be ingesting? Where did you get that information? Do you have an action plan? Are you prepared? Do you bring your food to work? Who did you put in charge of your nutrition? Kraft? Lean-Cuisine? You have plenty of time to implement a healthy eating regiment which will lead to health, WELL-BEING, satiety, high-performing body, mind and spirit, and ubiquitous happiness.

YOU ARE WHAT YOU EAT... What does that mean? It is much deeper than we think, the problem is, we don't think about it.

Knowing is Not Enough, We Must Apply, Being Willing is Not Enough, We Must Do (Leonardo Da Vinci)

Do you actually know what you are feeding your body? Do you really trust the companies that manufacture the very substances which makes up every single cell of your body? Do you remember a time when foods didn't contain more than ONE INGREDIENT (the actual food itself...)??? What happened and what is happening to our food supply? Are you sure you know what you are buying?

Do you REALLY know how to read a food label? I ASSURE you that you have very little clue, even if you are an avid exerciser and dieter. The labels are confusing and made to be just that. What does fat free mean? What does 50% fat mean? What does 50% less fat mean? I will SHOW you that you have NO CLUE. NONE. Learn about all the loop-holes created (deliberately or not) by the FDA's loose law-making decisions and the power of the food industry's many lobbyists. Do you know that MOST of the USDA researchers responsible for developping the Food Pyramid have strong ties to the US aggribusiness? What does that mean for you? The government subsidies have a direct, positive correlation with the additives, fillers, flavors, sweeteners, food colorings that appear in your daily foods. Most often the package of the foods you buy is twice as expensive as the food it contains. Do you think you would like to know why the foods we consume in the 21st century create disease instead of nourrishing our bodies? I would like to know why so many people don't question their food sources and don't question the reason for the accruing number of new illnesses, allergies, cancers, and antibiotic resistant infections that are touching our everyday lives.

Are you curious to KNOW what you are feeding your children and how it is affecting them? What are you teaching them, verbally or non-verbally? Learn about the food industry's tactics to LURE your children into buying their products, making them customers for life. Learn about the marketing industry's power of influence upon your most precious creations (and you as well by the way) and the length they go to in order to make sure they will ORDER you to buy their product using tactics targeting your sense of worth, self-esteem and social standing. It's downright shameful and you don't even know about it.

The US population has doubled from 1950 to 2000, yet the US beef consumption has increase five-fold. Do we need more calories now than we needed then in our automated world of robotic and drive-throughs? Where is all this meat going? Why are we eating it? "Eat Beef" "Beef, it's what's for dinner" "real men eat beef" "a steak for breakfast"... Did you buy into all these slogans? You bet you did. They still ring true to most of us, yet that belief is artifical and created by the beef industry, the aggribusiness, the USDA and the advertisement industry. A job well-done indeed. Unfortunately, we pay the price financially and physically as well.

Where do we get new beliefs?
How do you really feel about beef if nobody's listening?
How do you really feel about yourself?
Have you recently developped eating patterns or behaviors which weren't there before you started a specific diet or eating regimen?
Why are you concerned with your food or Why aren't you concerned with it?

Let's find out, let's debate, let's talk openly, let's share secrets and stories, tips and tricks. Let's work on developing new relationships with our bodies and learn to nourrish them with the care they deserve.

Do you know about ALL the life-threatening illnesses that are already affecting second graders, all of which are reversible and SELF-INFLICTED. We WILL soon have to consider arterial bypasses on our teenage children. I am not an alarmist, I am merely relaying information from very accessible research.

Don't you think it is time to act?

How many different identities do you have in regards to health, interacting with foods, other people and yourself?

Do you know that a healthy diet comprised of whole foods is at least half as costly as the current diet most americans are on today?

The simple act of eating has changed so much in the past 50 years, affecting our lives, behaviors, habits and eating patterns and wallets without us even batting an eyelash. Take back control of your body, your life and your finances. Learn how. It's simple and life-changing.

Thank you for your attention,