Aesthetically Speaking, The way you eat is 80% of your Success and 100% of your Failure.

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My Name is Ludovic Curtet (Lew-Doh-veek Kurtay said really fast!) I have been a certified trainer through PTA GLOBAL, ISSA, NASM, NCSF, IFPA, NAUTILUS, SCHWINN, LES MILLS, 24 HOUR FITNESS and APEX since 2000, prior to which I developed curriculum at Rockhurst University and also taught at the Menninger Institute of Psychiatry. I possess various degrees in Accounting, Business Administration, Communication, Art History and Cinematography, ranging from Associate's to Master's Degrees (are you impressed yet?). I am a Gen X-er and Oui-Oui, I am French. I have decades of experience dealing with eating disorders as well as disordered eating patterns, all of which can be resolved. It's little science and lots of footsteps, all taken one after another. My work starts with the behaviors WE CHOSE to take on and the ones that are or have been thrust upon us by others (some psychology here....) I work with my clients to identify their different identities as public persons, workers, stressors, exercisers, shoppers, cooks, eaters, parents,etc... and extricate patterns in behaviors which interfere with the achievement of certain goals, health being the quintessential one. Being healthy is a process which starts with discovering who we really are now and how it affects our body, where we want to go/who do we want to be (modify behavior and patterns) and developing winning strategies to reach our many health and fitness goals. "Healthy" is not a look, it is a practiced lifestyle, and very much like showers, it needs repeated daily (coming from a Frenchman, this has to be big news, since apparently, we don't bathe...) Recent (2012) studies show that mental health (emotional+spiritual+cognitive) is the most important determining factor in morbidity prevention. Second to that is the quality of our relationships (with ourselves, our families, friends, and mass populi). Third is our level of comfort and stability with our finances (the most prevalent components of the "stress factor"). Physical health/condition comes in the last position. If you are anything like me (and I know... I am!) this information is quite counter-intuitive! We had better devote more time to making gratitude lists and mending our relationships than repping out biceps curls, crunches and miles on the treadmill if we want to stick around a tad longer. It has worked for me, it has to work for you! I've made a lot of mistakes and I've had enough injuries, so you won't have to. I have gathered so much information and heard so many solutions that I really should never have to make a mistake again, but alas, life isn't binary and humans aren't consistent so I accept the imperfection of being human and embrace that very quality which makes me a great teacher. I devoted my life to holistic health, allow me to be your Life Coach...

BOB MAY - 1999 British Open Champion

“Ludovic is the most knowledgeable Trainer/Coach I have ever worked with. He's a plethora of useful information with expertise in
strength, stability, endurance and nutrition. He's a one-stop shop for getting in the best shape of your life.” Bob May.

Your life needs fine-tuning and I know just what to do: Let's go through your pantry and fridge, then let's go shopping and buy a couple of indispensable cooking tools (to make everything easy, because if it isn't easy, we will not do it!) and learn to cook palatable, filling and nutritious meals you can take to work everyday and/or share with your family as well. You drive, I drive, as long as we get there, who cares? If you need a quick activity or goal specific menu, provide me with your weight, bodyfat, activity levels and regimen and overall goal and I will email you a personalized eating plan. If you need me to set you up the way I shop, cook, store, pack, transport, and eat my meals, just set an appointment (usually 2-4 hours are required) via email or text me (702-521-6493). My method is quick, easy to emulate and much cheaper than most conventional eating regimen.

My schedule is Monday through Friday from 4am until 9pm and Saturday & Sunday at your convenience.

Professional athletes trust me with their careers and physicians trust me with their patients. Do your research, ask questions, email me! If you acquired your knowledge in a monthly publication or read the latest diet book, I encourage you to scrutinize the information, or better, ask me what I think about it. The human body hasn't evolved in 120,000 years and that was only a mere 8% size increase of our glucose-only-powered brains (from homo erectus to neanderthal Learn Here) so unless we mutate here real soon, there is still only one way to grow muscle, one law of thermodynamics (calories in vs. calories out) and one way to metabolize energy. If you ever think "low carbs forever", give me a call because you'll NEVER, EVER reach your goal (You will remain a low-performing, unhealthy, feeling unshapely and flat looking -picture a mollusk-like demeanor with little attention span, low-energy and crankiness!!!) There is hope!

I am asked for nutrition advice by people every single day. The vast majority of the US population eat foods that are devoid of nutrition (most of the blame to be allocated to our government and our food industry), most over-exercise and a growing number of them under-eat. Bombarded by the plethora of information available concerning exercise protocols and diet programs it has become all too confusing for everyone whose desire is to achieve a healthy feeling and looking physical condition but lack the knowledge to scrutinize the data. Many believe to be on the right track- except most fail to put the knowledge into action because the method is usually flawed in its conception, most often developing unhealthy eating patterns (food cravings, binge-eating, over exercising...) where there was previously none. Either one's actions are not congruent with the beliefs or the belief(s) is faulty (fallacies are not a crime). The vast majority won't follow my advice and will continue with a flawed method until a new one comes up on the news or someone validates what they want to hear.

If you want to truly learn who you are as it pertains to becoming a healthy person, how to move and how to fuel, call me, and please read this whole site, the information provided won't change much, unless we mutate!!! (I'm praying for a second stomach so I can eat more food!). Or take a few lessons and you'll never have to ask any questions of anybody ever again. You have just been empowered!!!!

First things first: Hear it from me. I AM FLAWED beyond your most creative assumptions. My strength is in knowing my weaknesses and respecting that which will defeat me or my intentions; in other words, Respect thy enemy for he/she/it is the only opponent who will defeat/best/kill you.

The initial step is big, but it only takes a fraction of a second to take: SURRENDER. QUIT FIGHTING, YOU WILL NOT WIN. YOU'VE BEEN PLAYING WTH YOUR OWN CARDS WAY TOO LONG. Your body will do what you ask of it. It is never wrong. It looks exactly the way you are telling it to look like. You just aren't speaking the right language. You must have learnt to read in various magazines...

Your body needs NUTRITION, your beliefs (i.e. YOUR HEAD) needs READJUSTMENT, not the other way around... If you are constantly looking for the perfect product or food or supplement to help you achieve your goal, you have not even begun to understand what it is you are combating. Stop looking for something to "MAKE IT HAPPEN FOR YOU" like a breakthrough supplement or ingredient, that is the PASSIVE way to go about life, which is the mind set you are presently in if you chose to follow that procedure. Nothing will make things happen FOR YOU in life but YOURSELF. You've heard it before, and here it is again. YOU must change your habits and YOU must change your lifestyle or NOTHING will change... Real food is your ONLY option, YOU are your only solution. If you are constantly looking for the perfect exercise or training method to get you to see your 6 pack or tighten your thighs or triceps, or lose 10 lbs by friday, etc.. then you haven't begun to understand the body your crazed brain inhabits... If you can't rectify (en: to make right) or modify your training regimen out of fear of getting ... [insert self-deprecating adjective here] ... you haven't begun to understand your body's overcompensation system (how it becomes toned, lean, muscular, flexible, explosive, endurant, powerful, or whichever other type of change you want to create...) and I bet you are more than likely an over trained, malnourished ersatz of an athlete or a very unhappy dieter for life!!!!

Step Two: Are you eating for fuel like an athlete does or are you eating for body composition like a figure competitor does? Or are you eating for health like almost nobody I've ever met? Or are you constantly dieting so you can look a certain way? You MUST fuel for the activity you are doing... or you will neither perform, nor look the way you plan to. I know way too many dieting marathoners and tri athletes, starving and/or bingeing figure and bodybuilding competitors, and perennial dieters and over-exercisers to not point out the obvious. (I am referring to My past behaviors as well) Do all these characters "DO IT FOR THE LOOOOOOOOOVE OF IT"??? or is that their only perceived method of weight control/conscience clearing? Most of them partake in that type of activity to palliate poor eating habits or to allow themselves to eat certain types of food without feeling guilty about doing so. In other words: Most don't fuel to exercise, they exercise so they can keep fueling the way they want to... Why on earth would I/they restrict my/their fuel intake and partake in such agonizing long distance events, or never-ending diets? Almost every single one of them (I am a recovering One of the ecumenical "THEM") has disordered eating and eating disorders, all symptoms of much deeper self-esteem issues.

THINK: HOW CAN A THERMOGENIC PILL OR DRINK OR POWDER MAKE UP FOR POOR DIET HABITS??? ARE YOU SERIOUSLY PUTING THE FORMER AGAINST THE LATTER? IF I WERE A BETTING MAN I'D PUT MY MONEY ON THE JUNK FOOD... The diet supplements are COMFORT TO YOUR MIND so that you can continue in your poor routine and not feel too bad about it. It's not your thyroid or age or genetics, it's your thinking that needs supplements!!!!

Much like alcohol, high-performance addiction as well as physical perfection (coupled with a self-restrictive eating regimen) I personally consider "racing fuel" for the SUPER-EGO which finds the otherwise lacking validation in those extraordinary achievements, because the true person (the EGO) feels inadequate in the world they live in. I won't make any friends here but I claim it for them. Go ahead, email me, we can talk, I can fix your behavior and readjust your patterns so you function and look the way you intended to all along. I'll even love you until you can love yourself...

As far as body image is concerned, absolutely NO BOOK or diet has ever worked for me or anybody I've ever met or trained who has kept the weight off. It's about consistency within a redefined lifestyle, not compromises in food choices you make. No offense, I'm just on a mission. You can read more about who I am here but I warn you my past identities are very graphic and unsettling...

I aim to inspire a fitness lifestyle in everyone. A lifestyle of sound nutrition (not starvation) and exercise programs (not over-exertion), continuous learning (pause the Tivo), and most importantly a holistic approach to physical and emotional well-being (a motivational album will NOT kill everybody... I have the research on that) Since I don't pretend to know it all, I am honored to be working closely with reputable professionals whom have been highly recommended in the fields of massage therapy, acupuncture, chiropractic medicine, general medicine, orthopaedic medicine, motivation as well as cosmetics, (nobody likes a wrinkled show off!) and other fitness trainers to ensure that the absolute highest level of care is available to my clientele. Any question, of course will be answered in the order it was received! I am grateful for your attention and consideration.

One Life, One Speed...


Ludovic Michel Stephane Curtet